Why I Like this Tarnished Jewel : IIT Bombay

Modified on : Oct 24 ( First two comments were before that) IIT Kgp. From TheHindu Group Of Publication: Used without permission."IIT Bombay is a good institute, It's not a great institute." was the words of our previous director Prof Asok Mishra while inaugurating AMAT Nano-tech lab for obvious reasons, "We are known as a … Continue reading Why I Like this Tarnished Jewel : IIT Bombay

Some experiences in IIT Bombay

I was a M.Tech (Matka) in IIT Bombay during 2007-2009. These are few accounts of this life. HOSTEL 9I stayed, all of my time during my post-graduation, in Hostel-9, Room No 133. In second year, masters student usually change their hostel to 12, 13 or 14. I did not like those big hostels. Hostel 9 … Continue reading Some experiences in IIT Bombay