An open letter to IIT undergraduates

Your IITian-ness, You may or may not be conscious of it, but your appetite for comparison and self-congratulation if not narcissism is colossal. I understand that success in competitive examinations boosts one's confidence and increases one's pride in one's abilities. If such a pride drives you to hone your intellectual abilities, technical capabilities and professional … Continue reading An open letter to IIT undergraduates

An Anthropologist Among IITians

It's a dreadful pity when a beautifully spacious generalisation is upset by one or two simple facts. -- Neville Cardus The doyen of Indian anthropology M. N. Srivinas said that an anthropologist is born thrice. He is 'once-born' when he initially goes to the field,  away from his familiar surroundings to put himself in a … Continue reading An Anthropologist Among IITians