Academic culture

The state of our higher education seems to have caught the imagination of our Western educated intelligentsia. It is common these days to come across articles pointing out the inefficiencies and defects in our educational system. Especially during university-ranking season, otherwise indifferent and intellectually sedate men and women show a great concern about universities. It … Continue reading Academic culture

Improving higher education

It is not uncommon these days many Indians showing strong concern -- at least on public occasions -- about the shoddy state of affairs in which we find our higher education today. It will be an understatement to say that everything is not fine with our higher education system. The rot has gone really deep, … Continue reading Improving higher education

Do we really need ‘strong’ leaders?

The media coverage of the death of Nelson Mandela and retirement of Sachin Tendulkar brought back the memory of an old essay written 'on charisma' by German sociologist Max Weber. I asked a German colleague how many charismatic personalities he knows in politics in his country. He responded somewhat indirectly, "There are some, but usually … Continue reading Do we really need ‘strong’ leaders?