The divide between North and South India

a:link { } What you can rightly say about India, its opposite is also equally true.-- A teacher of Amartya Sen "South India has counted for too little in the Indian Republic. This is a waste for India as well as an unfairness to south India, because the south has a superiority in certain important … Continue reading The divide between North and South India

The Unified Mathematics..

International Congress of Mathematics was held at Hyderabad in India this year. Unfortunately, these kinds of events generally lost in the glamor of awards and laudations of few individuals. Mathematicians are weired creatures, at least when it comes to awards. They try their best to keep the novice out of their domain. Engineers are diagonally … Continue reading The Unified Mathematics..

on Fine

Post office is located at the end of the IIT Bombay campus. My inland letters were finished, I went there to buy them. To enter this PO, either you first get out of the IIT Y-point and then get into it or you can jump over a four feet wall. I took the easy step. … Continue reading on Fine