Rule and Person

In the extent to which societies are governed by rule or person, in traditional societies based on agriculture, personal factors counts for almost everything. People are able to take finer personal distinctions in their businesses and other day-to-day work. In these societies, personal links can be used (or misused) for practically any purpose; and a … Continue reading Rule and Person


Course Review: Basic Neurobiology/Neuroscience at NCBS Bangalore

Basic Neurobiology course offered at NCBS Bangalore consists of 4 modules of around 6 lectures each, plus a couple of labs on electrical models of cells. Each lecture is around 90 minutes. Usually there are three lectures a week but sometimes two lectures and a tutorial or lab-session is also organized. The TA support is … Continue reading Course Review: Basic Neurobiology/Neuroscience at NCBS Bangalore

वो आँखे

टखनों पर रखे अपने सर को रोकते अपने कापते हाथो को, उस अँधेरे कमरे में वो आँखे देख रही है, प्रकाश की वो शिखा जो जल रही है उस केरोसीन से जो घर में अब नहीं है बचा। वेदना तो भी दया आती नहीं , देखकर उसकी दशा। जो जी रही है केवल मृत्यु के … Continue reading वो आँखे