Comparing Left and Right Politics

Following table is an outcome of notes taken for sole purpose of generalising Left and Right politics. Left politics is usually confused with ideology of some political parties. Such views of politics in popular media are confusing if not contradictory. The distinction made between Left and Right was of French origin where the Left is called “the party of movement” and the Right “the party of order”. To be sure, there is no black-and-white distinction between these two political culture. It is often the case that a Right wing party takes a Leftist stand on one issue and a Left-wing party takes Rightist stand on another. However there are differences between these two culture which can not be denied.

In India, parenting and childcare is not perceived as something which can have socio-political colours. We include it here. In our media, the idea of politic is poorly debated. The popular belief – that ‘politics is what a politician does’ – is widespread. It should not be surprising since the idea of ‘politics’ is often confused with its Hindustani word ‘Rajneeti’ (codes of ruling).

Left Politics Version 0.6 Right Politics

Progressive, Liberal Overall Nature Conservative, Traditional
Looks to the Future
Looks to the Past
Holier than thou
Political Discourse Self Congratulatory

Regulated Economy Economy and Trade Deregulated Economy
Industry and Business
Business and Industry
Fair Trade Prefer Free Trade
Tax and Govt. Spend
Don’t Tax and Let Them Spend
Workers Support Employer
Personal Freedom
Economic Freedom
Society Focus on Individuality

Interfere Society and Culture Don’t Interfere
Community based on ethics
Community based on morals
Inclusive, Multicultural, Evolving
Exclusive, Established, Nationalistic
The world must be improved
Protect good things
Utopianism, (R)Evolution
Preservation, Status Quo

Better Ethics Parenting Better Morals
Nurturing Love Parents Shows Strict Love
Empathy and Moral Diversity Parents Instill Moral Strength and Absolutes
Self Nurturing Child should be Self Reliant
Learning Education is about Skills
Ask Questions Education Motivates to Succeed
Relate Child should Learn to Compete
Create potential Education must instill morals
Service to People Vocation Authority

Scientific, unconventional Religion Theistic, conventional
Others must observe Rights Others must not interfere
Social and Economic Victim Criminal By Choice
Victim of System Homeless No Shame
Lack Opportunity
No Work Ethics
Protect minority Citizen Immigration Control
Equality Society Freedom
One for all and all for one Motto Each to their own
Is level playing field Equality Is opportunity
Is Freedom from Abuse and Power Freedom Is the Chance to Achieve or Fail

Equality Preference Freedom to Succeed

Fairness Vote for Upholding Order
Who can’t help themselves Help Those Who can help themselves
Positive Role Models Strong
Downtrodden Champions of Opportunity


3 thoughts on “Comparing Left and Right Politics

  1. Ah, I think I should write a blog on it. Bertrand Russel's essays in a book titled 'Human Society in Ethics and Politics' elaborate on it. Srinivas essay 'Changing values in Modern India' also pass comments on it. To me, morality is a code of behaviour imposed by society and ethics is a more generalised and universal. Morality, as far as I can see it, asks for subjugation and does not question its origin. Ethics, on the other hand, are more critical to itself and more prone to individual dispositions. I really have to think about it. Right now, I can say that ethics are closely related with 'values' while morals are more tilted towards 'norms'. For instance, out of 'gotra' marriage in Jat community can be seen immoral by the community members but there is no questions of its being ethical or not.

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