On Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE)

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering is designed to test your basics in engineering. It has nothing to do with experiences in industries. By engineering basics, I mean your core courses. You must know them. I was bit troubled with all these mushrooming of GATE coaching centres on the line of JEE and the way they ‘buy’ opinion to suit their business, so I am writing this.

I am pretty sure that one can succeed in exams without using these centre. There is hardly any need of them unless you really can’t do anything without spoon feeding. But they create an atmosphere where one can build a momentum to study – if one is occupied with ‘inertia’. Nonetheless, attending coaching classes is always better than doing nothing. Anyway spend your time wisely. If you really have time to spare, read quality books.

It does not matter if problems asked in GATE are hard or easy. Competition is tough, and it is getting tougher with the rise in numbers of applications every year. Success in such competitions increases one’s confidence. But one should not take it as a benchmark of one’s capabilities – after all its an exam and that too of A, B, C, D type. If one bad day in you exam should not make you loose your confidence then one ultra-good day must not make you take undue pride in your capabilities. Though the chances of possessed by later is much higher than the former. In case of failure, there are many factors one can blame. But success is always believed to be due to ‘me and myself only’.

However, I must admit that ‘success’ is very necessary evil in one form or other. It boosts one confidence – should one is unfortunate to have little or moderate amount of it. But this ‘confidence’ evaporates easily if stop putting lesser effort in her later ventures. Even on these lines, GATE is not the only thing to strive for. From improving your father’s business to solving century old problems, there are many options available.  Undue ‘pride’ and ‘vanity’ generally ruins people in long run, so does a low self-esteem. If you are convinced that you can not excel in GATE then there is no point writing this exam. If you let failure hitting you, you will start thinking negatively about yourself. There is no point reducing your self confident.

One really does not have to go to any coaching center or to subscribe to their costly preparatory materials. Get  previous examination papers and solve them. Start early (say late December) and solve one or two problems from each section every day. But one must solve them completely. No cheating. If a problem takes 7 days, give it to that monster. If you are not solving tough problems, you are just bullshitting. Why would you solve a problem which is easy. This means you already know it. Solving easy problem is cheating. Do not do that. Save them for exams! Keep problem solving going on till neural path in your brain align themselves to suit GATE.

No one is suppose to read everything. If you have attended only few classes in your course work and teacher was worse than the worst which is usually true in 2nd tier institutes then you must give your course book an easy reading. Just to make sure you know where ‘this and that‘ concept is. Use books as reference material and not as a story book. ‘Reading book’ is your girlfriend, ‘solving problem’ is your wife. You are allowed to spend time with both. Divide your time carefully that meets need of your life. But don’t do that in real life. Actually you can! See, here problems reside in book, by that logic, your wife must reside in your girlfriend. Then there is no problem.

So bottom-line is that after watching latest animated movie, buy previous years papers and solve them. When I say ‘solve it’; I really mean solve it. No matter how simple a problem look like. Convince yourself that you understood it. It’d be a good idea if you masturbate before you start solving, so that chances of distraction will be minimum. Stay away from Internet, even if you have some e-affair going on. Or at least try to refrain. Of course, there is time and place for everything.

Everyone is smart enough to understand that ‘in the end, what you think and what you feel is of little value‘. Your feeling and thoughts should shape your work; that what ultimately counts. Don’t run into nihilism that there is no point in anything. What you do or have done, ultimately, will be insignificant but it is very important that you do it. Not only because it is useful but also If you do not occupy yourself with something productive then you’ll have the luxury of time to think over whether you are happy or sad. And this is exactly when life starts getting boring and miserable. I have added few arguments on top of what Shaw and Gandhi have argued.

And by the way, I know what I am talking about. Trust me!

PS : If ignorance is bliss then why so many people are not happy. — Thomas Jefferson.

As usual. All the best.


5 thoughts on “On Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE)

  1. gate is best exam if u are dumb ………since good college students like iit and nit college students do not give gate exam …… so person only have to fight cream of crap……… gate rank only shows how many idiots behind u …..so this is easier in comparison to cat and gre ……. most good people of iit and nit not take this exam…… with just some common sense and amplitude any body can crack this exam….. i am saying this since i scored 2 times around 99.8% in this exam…… even now iit jee i think a,b ,c d ,..and why these coaching running because lecturer's in most colleges do not teach or they did not know most subject ……..in india biggest loser take the teaching job thats why these coaching is running …………

  2. I don't think comparing CAT/GRE with GATE is a good idea. I know few people in IITB who wrote both GATE (for getting TAship in last year of Dual Degree program) and CAT (as usual). They scored over 99 percentile in CAT but failed miserable in GATE. Exams (of whatever kind) reflects preparation, not the natural abilities. A non-educated person (like Kabir, Edison and Thomas Green) can be infinitely skill-full in some arts.As far as the arguement that loosers take teaching job go, in this time period of history it is likely true. I have wrote about it in my previous post http://dilawarsays.blogspot.com/2010/05/seeking-career-in-declining-profession.html (though not on the same lines you are arguing about this 'social problem'.)

  3. i read ur most of blogs ………but coaching culture seems have deep roots ….if u remember iitb director son from kota iit jee coaching product his comment made chaos when his statements were used by coaching classes for publicity i think 2007 semester …….. yes guidance is required for something in games all teams have coach so for cracking exams..but when this guidance becomes business everything tormented ….. i can not say coaching good or bad ….because i my self joined coaching after B.E for gate …. my govt college lecturers are reluctant to teach anything except few …those lecturer who taught i did not attend any classes in coaching for those subject ……only solution for to ruin coaching is to improve teaching standards …..despite government 6th pay …situation hardly improve ….i am also in teaching profession (after iitb mtech) currently guest faculty in home town govt college ……but lecturers who are permanent …they just signed …and taking salary …not teaching for single-hour in day …. we have govt job why should we teach that type of attitude …..situation will be worse …. i have seen rape of education system in front of my eyes ……. people are doing useless(naam ki phd) phd to get 6th pay benefit …to get promotion… unfortunately 75-85% are in teaching field are this type of people…. no wonder why coaching will flourish ………… education sector needs prof VM gadre ….unfortunately ……. its business ,….in next few years i will also become rapist of this system…..

  4. What you have said is right, but we really can not comment about the future of Indian education. Worldwide, university have gone through phases of decline (http://books.google.co.in/books?id=odcUF_z10MwC&dq=universities+of+europe+in+middle+ages&hl=en&ei=W24fTeGIOsPIrQfNqtHQCw&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=1&ved=0CDQQ6AEwAA)some of the best universities (save few professional one like MIT's and CalTech) have gone trough tremendous decline before learning to improve. The decline of universities started in 70's when a mindless expansion was brought in universities by government with an emphatic support of media and society. It was a well-meaning plan, did not go well as expected. You may like to read "Universities at crossroads" by Andre Beteille.That was not director, that was Dean SA, Gopalan. And the paper was Times of India. Year was 2007.

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