Masturbation and being in love..

When was the last time you shook your thing”, I asked one of my friend who was apparently in love. Then there was high-fives and jokes all around. He told it’s been 20 days. Roughly the time since He saw her. I was amused so was everyone inside the room. Masturbation and love have two extremly opposite school of thoughts. Ones goes like this, “Mastrubation is like having sex with someone you love.” That is surely not the case here with our friend. In one of my most beloved literally work, “My Name is Red” by Orhan Pamuk, the protagonist Kara (Black in english translation) was in love. How he discovered that? When he could not mastrubate after having a thought of her.

Perhaps the idea is different in different society with temporal paradox. India, paradoxically, have been quite sane on the matter of sex (including masturbation). For west, it had been quite a hot potato to handle even in thse days. In West, if for some, it is “like having sex with someone you love.” For some in East, it’s a conviction that they are in love; emanating from the fact that they can not do it after having a though of her (him?). For some it might be mechanical process, no need of fantasies (I used to be like that in my teenage). That is kind of cold! But more a less, it has been a taboo to talk about or may be to think about also. May be that is why so much confusion is still there, even among those who can read and write. Otherwise why would ‘gupt rogi mile’ kind of advertisement for treatment of  ‘hasta methun’ (masturbation) (which, by the way, is not a disease) is flourishing in India (what about your nation?)?

Once in my diary I wrote that the job you are doing should be like masturbating. You are excited by the thought of it. Prepared, enjoying while doing it. And when it is done you are relaxed and ready for another after some time. But how much energy is needed to live like that? Never calculated, even roughly, how much energy is needed to maintain that rapid changes in state machine of mind and body? It must be pretty large.

I’d love to argue in support of seeing the ability of mastrubating as an indication of whether you are in love or not. It might be good confusion remover. Wouldn’t it? Anyway next time to settle to do it, give it a thought.

UPDATE : In U.S., the candidate who won election in 2010 (yes, this modern age) thinks among many other things that masturbation is sin.


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