She says, he says, I blog!

I am naive but that would not deter me to blog about something which disturbs me. Some random thoughts.

“Ladko ko kaam hi kya hota hai flirting ke alawa…. [pause] par kuch sensitive bhi hote hai.” (Boys have no other work to do but flirting, …. but some are sensitive.) These words could be of any disillusioned but hopeful girl that in humanity, the less-fair gender can not be an animal all the time. He might be sensible at times. The pause before the last statement says it all. Its the hope in her, no matter how bleak, which forces her to add this optimism.

Nobody is denying that boys spend a significant part of their time rubbing their dick. And its very hard to find a boy with internet connection who somehow (or magically) did not discover Savita Bhabi. That make sense since these days every porn star trying to download herself/himself on your PC and if you have windows, then your life could be very easy/hard. Not to mention friends sending all the wisdom in your mailbox. The other half of this species might wonder if there is no other things which could be liked by this “flirty” gender. There are studies, (though the publisher never reveals the data and methos) that men think about sex in some X minutes. And I remember that this X is fairly small number. As to say, A normal guy always thinks about sex. Them its really remarkable how come a guy can spend a significant life in office without raping someone or can travel by train, or spend his time with books and can concentrate. Anyway, one knows how much sex addict one is. But the media can create the mistrust between the gender.

The problem, disturbingly, is very high among teenager and in early 20’s. Its really hard to believe that a guy could do any good for a woman without having any not-good intentions. And this is mostly true!

How come, in a species, two gender can have such a small trust and/or fear (given the fact one gender does not eat other after sex). The reasons are simple. First the crime against women are on rise. If one consider “disturning one’s dignity” also a crime than these number can not be measured.

But do we have to make our teenager so much distrustful towards each other?

A recent article in TOI in which the writer was commenting about the date rape. The topic is framed such a way that one may become so much paranoid about the ‘other half’. The issue is so sensitive that we even can not complain why they are making a devil out of every guy. She started it by invoking the role of hormones and blah blah. I was so disturbed that I did not read it proper. And no girl would have stopped in the middle without finishing it. I can not even say what I really like to say there. told ya, issue is very sensitive.

Security is the first thing which a women always look for if a man can provide. Leave alone the financial one, in every sphere of life. The rising economy has indeed added to this problem. Mostly mentally. As UN report of gender inequality 2008 will tell you. A disturbing summary. (India is in South Asia)

The communication between them has always been low. Few friends are comfortable talking about gender sexual of mental issues. They still making money by publishing “What a woman/man wants?” or “He is from there and she is from there?”. Some of the biggest philosopher declared that they are not able to solve this puzzle of what women want?. Too much for both of them are living together for that long.

If a sibling is not the other gender then this mistrust is more acute. In all brothers or all sisters family,  teens are more confused about the other gender. Even in the families with both sister and brother, the understanding is not very much improved but “Take things easy! Boys will be boys!” attitude can relax the agony.

One likes to be understood more that one wants to be loved. Give him/her time. My gender is running a big scam to manipulate girls. Media in our hand so is TV. We expect you to be low on your dignity, submissive to our authority. We attach moral to it, so you dont even criticise it. The media, News-papers, A, B, C,..,M…,Z TV; femine magazine makes you believe that  depicting you as an object is the sole purpose of your existence. We make you ‘heroine’ for that. We give you titles ‘Miss Universe’ to enjoy more naked shows. (We call it beauty and art). Women scientist and engineer do not make the headlines. We do not give awards to great mother, great wives, or great sister. These roles are not good! “No these are subjugation of one gender towards other gender. This is slavery! Women must break away their barrier and must become an object to please manhood. Spending time with her children and making a man/woman out of them is not a profession. Why shouldn’t child be cared for by husband. Family is perverse. Be single and spend more in economy.” Yes! ofcourse We can fight over who should take care of children and who should go out for work while making our own children feeling unwanted. Society does not change overnight and its the more resilient who should take the lead. Do you think your husband could ever be more capable of taking care of your child?

All faults are not in us only. Probably something is wrong in girls also. Probably that is why most of the romantic singers are either single or gay?

But no matter how optimistic you are about us, Never forget what a wise woman said, “A gentleman is only a sleeping wolf!”

I agree with her. But we can keep this wolf tamed most of the time.

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6. Google Kalpana Sharma. She writes in The Hindu. Esp for sunday magazine.

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