I learned that

No matter how strong one is, society and company or friends one keeps certainly affects one’s character. And these effects need not be of right kind. Its better to stay aloof than indulging oneself into something which is of bad taste.

Success one gets is almost equal to the amount one allows oneself to get.

Intelligence, IQ, genius, are all make-belief; everyone is smart enough for some particular kind of task.

Morality has the very nasty habit of putting itself on the sides of the angels.

Whenever you drop a bread slice with jam on it, it always falls down with jam side downward!

No matter how many times you read your writings, there will be errors.

I never feel sleepy after the exams.

If you decide to die poor, great many things can be done with your life. (Prof. Dinesh K. Sharma, IIT Bombay).

Whatever you can rightly say about women, it opposite is equally true.

Humans are equal, some are more equal, few are much equal, rest are on the Forbes magazine list.

If I care little, I will know less.

It is very curious that love does not take one’s permission before appearing.

Last Edit : July 14, 2012
Original entry : 01, 2008

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