hey.. i m online..

This is my third profile on orkut, I deleted my previous ones and again and again tempted to make new one. Kind of situation i always find myself in and don’t understand why i fool myself. Now, I have to be honest and lets try to track back.. orkut was first introduced to me by my classmates.. stupid things, why should i join? Till 3rd year of my b.tech i kept myself away from it. Then I joined in. It was a novelty and i was loving it. I never have problems getting addictive to novelties, somehow it helps learning. First, I started adding all of my classmates and then hey, lets compete with room mates in scrap numbers. Everything seems to be fine!!

After half a year, i started realizing that these so called social networking websites making me more reclusive. I am not going out with rummates, not interacting much with people. Who cares.. addiction is still here!!

What disillusioned me that most of the person i knew offline behaved differently online. Seems like that they like to do things on these sites they cant do offline and thus its making them feel better. Does it cause addiction to these sites? However, leaving obvious different gender conversation ( They dont change much wheather online or offline) and all flirting, what else could be matter of giving so much time to these sites which eventually facilitate a secondary personality online? The subject which used to be the forte of experts to discuss about, now every Tom, Dick, Harry and Dilawar can comment on, and wow it really feels good. :-)

Sigmund Freud argues, that in every individual the very basic thing which prompts his or her actions is to prove his/her importance. Quite true seems to be to me. Well, that definition needs bit elaboration but leave it… Pompously written testimonials, very best of the photographs in albums, no of friends, joined communities ( i love soccer, though i never played it ever) seem to be going well with Freud’s argument. Looks like on these psychologies these social networking site are capitalizing on. One more personal point, whoever i met after first having conversation online, He/She turned out to be a very different from what i PERCEIVED him/her to be. Well its not their faults ofcourse, might be this is the problem with online communication at which u cant figure out the gestures which says more about the person that his/her words do.

Well for me, joining orkut again and again was (as it seems to be) lacking friends to talk to in real world and I dont blame anybody. Its all with me, my kind of talking, sense of humour, hardly very few people can stand. Seems like i m not born compatible to the general public. But i have some really good friends ( and they told it to me) but they are not around these days and I cant talk with myself every time ( danger: being known as a restarted ). However, this is good too, sometimes it really good to be on orkut. Easy to find people to like to date with :-) ( but takes a lot of time and wastage), no matter if it turns out to be disaster, anyway if u are not interested in arrange marriage you should give a chance to everyone (of-course indirectly so everytime u can bail out if things are not going well) so that u dont regret it later. I cant find any other reasons worth sticking to these sites. And temptations in this age especially when you are single is so high and very very hard to resist!!!! Anyway one does what one likes especially on these sites, thats why we love them. There are lot of restriction which and monstrous in offline, stupid system to follow, social structures to abide to, imposed responsibilities to adhere to, aggressive society which want you to be the victim of its conformity. All relieved when you are online.. :) …. If you dont have the courage to do what you like offline, i bet u stay online…. Keep in mind next time u login… and i try to remember all this i just said.. but what to do with temptations… ha???

Ever wonder why I am writing all this online!! told you na .. proving importance!!

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