Feb 11, 2008…

Today is one the most remarkable day my my life… We have a lot of confusions in our mind, though we understands what are we doing, but sometimes its really hard to convince yourself that what you are doing will lead to the ultimate aim of your life. Thanks to Prof. Narayanan, today in his lecture, the way He addressed the class, in a flash i felt so light. Now on He is the one who will always be on the page no 19 of my diary along with two more people ( one is my father and other is My Primary School Teacher). Today I felt like that I m still 4 year olds trying to factorize the numbers.
I always respect persons with self-satisfaction. I admire them most and respect them to the bottom of my heart. Now I am 21year old, at this time, I don’t remember any stupid exams, any instances of winning medals, any ranks, marks… all I remember that how it felt. How wonderful was the moment when I predicted the time using our Sundial which i constructed when i was in Primary School, How I used to roam around into the fields just to collect the leaf samples.
I respect my inner self, it always help me to find out the solution whenever I was in dilemma, and most of the time it was good, though on some occasion it turned out to be embarrassing. There are lot of deeds I did when I was a child which hurt me today, I should have not missed the drawing pictures just to excel in science. I should have learned how to play flute. But It still not late. I’ll do it now. And thats the promise I made to myself long ago. Just wishing I continue tha same way as I am thinking.. Anyway If it makes you feel good, it can’t be that bad!!

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