know no-knowledge

The book “Submodular Network and Circuit Analysis” written by Prof. H. Narayanan of Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India have a thought just before the ‘preface’ page. It says “Learning is a shore-less sea; the learner’s days are few; Prolonged study is beset with a thousand ills; With clear discrimination learn what’s meet for you; Like swan that leaves the water, drinks the milk.” Now just to emphasis “Learning is a shoreless sea”. True but disgusting! what was on the minds of this human race who piles up so many knowledge on the heap already so much vast to be embraced by the thoughts even by the most eligible person. About 80 years of lifetime, so much to know. Why did we create such a system which wants us to discriminate knowledges. I am of belief, as a student along with the some philosophers the the most basic understanding of the universe (which contain everything, some would say Nature) should be developed which would take a reasonable time to imbibe and that can facilitate furthur reasoning to answer out the questions. Wasting time learning what has already been learnt is kind of absurd thing to do. Though some would say that is how you can make yourself a expert in a certain subject. This kind of assertion are really stupid. Just ask a person who has devoted his/her whole life on a single subject, what would be his/her response? For me it is still a open question. I हवें’t ask anybody. if u do plz let me know.

What should be the aim of our knowledge? It is just not a philosophical question. Assume i am a कhip designer, have a vast knowledge about silicon chip. What is the significance, when hardly 0.001% people on the earth uses these product. Once the technology saturates after reaching a physical limit, this knowledge becomes useless. My point here is, i have a knowledge which is rigid, has an application only in a specific area, its useless. Anyone, even a machine can be programmed to do that job. I want a knowledge which i can use at every going-ons of my life. Ofcouse these days knowledge created by engineering, medicine, managements etc helps you earn money and hence arguably better life. Just leave this money thing out of the subject, now consider what would you like to learn.You are asking me, i dont know! i am thinking. May be, some kind of philosophy would give the answer.

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