these words are not suitable for world…

Ever wonder why we are not advancing in the direction of fundamental discoveries. Most of the basic concepts we are imbibing are well established. Whatever i have studied till now, i dont think there is any fundamental breakthrough made in this century. Yes we have done a lot in technology but that is the application of thoughts/theories. And it seems to be the these days that applications (technology) are influencing the basic research.
Personally, i feel before this century or rather before the advent of printing press, world was obviously isolated and of course most of the researchers was not in touch with each other. What they think, they premises new theories on them. Most of the thoughts were of course original and hence new to other thinkers. Their thinking was not subjugated to what books told them. When they get published , they influenced others and hence helped them improving and liberating their ideas. Early childhood of those great thinkers must have been spent without books. Books, here mean, a well defined literature published over a significant area. I do not mean notes in any bounded form given by they teacher, they must be called notes. I do not if i am right, just a thought. Whatever they learned must have been carrying the impression that that is not absolute. Now these days mostly and indirectly, these books insist that whatever they are having blackened on them are absolute. unfortunately most of the authors write their books in that sense only that whatever is knew can not be replaced with alternatives. The examination system is making these things worse by disseminating these kind of thought among children. Do you really think the problem they ask in exams can be solved only in the way they taught in the class? i dont think so! this should not happen. How much foolish it may seem, new approaches must be appreciated. I know i am not convincing enough, but these 26 letters i dont find enough to explain everything. A universal language should be constructed which deliver the same essence of you, no matter written or spoken or whatever. If you have ever did chat on internet, u must have felt it that a same sentence may have totally different meaning in online and offline world. Emotions or rather gestures must not facilitate the subject to decipher the meaning of worlds being spoken, there must be a certainty of meaning irrespective of other things. Well, i’ll improve this blog later, thats the idea just came in. I wrote it so i dont forget it. C u all later…

One thought on “these words are not suitable for world…

  1. dilawar is has been my gud freind and my ex rumate for 4 yrs.we had many intresting and sum inanae discussions often disagreeing more dan agreeing,but this thought is sumhthing wich i completely agree.simply put we are stagnated and especially in india original thinking and commiting mistakes is almost a wonder we are d biggest back office of this world and many take pride in it.even d other parts of dis world thinking is stk,becaue too much of info is not allowing mind to be free and think independently and the pace pf this life is so fast,no 1 can take risks,one simply works on perfecting the old theories.but wenever science got stuck,there always have been people who came like d breath of fresh air.and i hope dat person will come soon to inspire others and cause sum serious breakthrughs,and i sincerily hope dat dis person may b from india.

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