Switches in the brain?

I am happy to see my expository article published in Resonance this month. I used to read Resonance in my college days and some articles were very edifying. My article is available for free from here: http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s12045-019-0863-8 It is also available from Indian Academy of Sciences website: https://www.ias.ac.in/describe/article/reso/024/09/0963-0975 Below is the abstract: We forget often. … Continue reading Switches in the brain?

How do we remember for so long?

Recently my paper was published in eLife.  It deals with an important question: How do we maintain long-lasting memories?. The eLife feature team did a great job in writing a layman summary for this paper which I am reproducing below: The brain stores memories by changing the strength of synapses, the connections between neurons. Synapses … Continue reading How do we remember for so long?

Carbon emission levels according to mode of transport

I often try to remember how much each mode of transportation costs the environment. Data published by UK government has good numbers. These data can probably be used as proxy for India with some caveats. The buses emit more carbon and almost certain to carry many more passengers; same goes with trains. I could not … Continue reading Carbon emission levels according to mode of transport